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News - January 2018


Hart Instruments releases HISE - Hart Instruments Sampler Engine v1.5.0 free audio application for building virtual instruments   05th January 2018

Hart Instruments Sampler Engine (HISE) has been updated to v1.5.0. Precompiled binaries for Mac OS X and Windows are available, along with the Source Code.

Main changes in v1.5.0:

- New Interface Designer.
- Improved iPhone support.
- Jumped to JUCE 5.
- Support for Visual Studio 2017.

Main changes in v1.1.2:

- Added Sample archiver for easier distribution of HLAC monoliths.
- Moved streaming engine to hi_streaming module for standalone usage in C++ projects.
- Fixed multiple voice starts in SynthesiserGroups.
- Added some debug logging tools.
- Fix inactive interface for exported audio FX.
- Other minor fixes.

HISE is a cross-platform open source audio application for building virtual instruments.

HISE emphasizes on sampling, but includes some basic synthesis features for making hybrid instruments. You can build patches, design a custom interface and compile them as a VST / AU plug-in or iOS app.


HISE is available as Standalone application or as VST / AU plugin for Mac OS X and Windows.


Visit: hise.audio





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