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News - March 2018


Homegrown Sounds releases Chordian midi sequencer for Kontakt 03rd March 2018

Homegrown Sounds has released Chordian, free Kontakt 5 Instrument which use the MIDI output of Kontakt.

Chordian is a MIDI Sequencer designed to work with the Kontakt 5 MIDI output. It is a variation on Procession but with more of an emphasis on stacking pitches and lacks the CC implementation.

Chordian dispenses with 3 of Processions Trigger Sequencers but keeps the pitch Sequencers so that all 4 Sequences are played via a global trigger sequencer. The idea is that in Simple Mode you can easily line up all sequencers to see what is playing across the steps and it is therefore much easier to build Chord type sequences. Polyrhythmic operation is still possible however when Simple mode is switched off, except that it is just the pitches that are Polyrhythmic.

It still keeps most of the features from Procession such as the Scale Remapper, individual Length%, Velocity%, tuning capabilities, the file Browser and the Randomizers. It can even load Procession sequences using the 'A' sequence for triggering, and on the other side Chordian presets can be loaded into Procession.


All Notes are run through the Scale Remapper which forces notes to a custom Scale which can be built over 24 semitones using the Scale keyboard, or by using one of the 80 internal Scales.


Visit: chordian-midi-sequencer





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