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News - January 2018


Ourafilmes releases Diabolique free vintage tube plugin    01st January 2018

Ourafilmes has released Diabolique, free vintage tube 32 bit PC only plugin.

This VST plugin is free to celebrate our 20 anniversary. It emulates 2 vintage tube reel to reels: a Revox F36 from 1962 (circuitry 1) and a Tandberg Model 3 from 1958 (circuitry 2). Apart from their differences, here the question is maintenance: while the Revox has been kept in immaculate condition (but retaining all good vintage components), the Tandberg has never seen any maintenance having all its original components (including a tube set of Telefunkens that are all testing as new). It includes some electrical components out of order, needing replacement.

This plugin can be used to warm up your sounds, to simulate tape multi-tracking and/or to dirty up your sounds, it depends on the way it is used.

The original template simulates the Revox and, by switching to Circuitry 2, you get the original Tandberg sound.

Then you have all options open to change the sound: input/output levels, a very rare 15 ips feature was added (not present in the original Tandberg recorder), altering the tube saturation, changing the noise bias and level,... Itīs Lo-Fi if you want: you can change the frequency response to the vinyl era by abusing the "Vintage" knob.

There are stereo and mono components.
Full automation, MIDI learn (right-click knobs), zero latency.
Plugin is 32 bit and PC only.

Note: This is an emulation of vintage machinery (with and without maintenance): you shouldnīt expect the beautiful quality of the 90s tape recorders (when they were at the maximum of their development). If that is what you need, you should look elsewhere.


Have fun, itīs a free plugin! And have a cracking 2018!


Visit: ourafilmes.com/diabolique





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