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News - September 2018


Surge synth is now open-source                                     25th September 2018

As of 21th September 2018, Surge stopped being a commerical product and became an open-source project released under the GNU GPL v3 license.

"This is the synthesizer plug-in Surge which I previously sold as a commercial product as the company vember audio. As I'm to busy with other projects and no longer want to put the effort into maintaining it myself across multiple platforms I have decided to give it new life as an open-source project.

It was originally released in 2005, and was one of my first bigger projects. The code could be cleaner, and at parts better explained but its reliable and sounds great. And beware, there might still be a few comments in Swedish."

For the existing users this will allow the community to make sure that it remains compatible as plug-in standards and Operating Systems evolve.

For everyone else, this is an exiting new free synth to use, hack, port, improve or do whatever you want with!

Download Surge here! 7.56 mb (Windows 64bit)


Visit: vemberaudio.se/surge 





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