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News - April 2018


Syntonica releases Seismic v1.1 free VST/AU synth          18th April 2018

Syntonica has released Seismic v1.1, free wave-based VST/AU synth for the Mac and PC.

New in Version 1.1:

- New Windows version, 32- and 64-bit!
- Added new 24dB Low Pass and High Pass filters.
- Added new Half & Half and Granulate mixers.
- Replaced old half-band filter with less aliasing and more secret sauce.
- DAW Automation should now be working.

Changed in Version 1.1:

- More functional Mac 32-bit version.
- Redesign of the Main node to make the Master Filter easier to use. The other round buttons with labels have been replaced by labelled rectangular buttons.
- Master Filter is now the 24db Low Pass with Resonance, replacing the old 6db LP Filter. It mostly stops short of self-oscillation because ears and speakers. And paint. No changes have been made to the demo patches, so they will sound a bit warmer and cleaner.
- The original filters are now labeled as 6dB. Otherwise, they are identical to the old versions.
- ToolTips for knobs now show correct values rather than just raw 0.0-1.0 values.
- Click editing of knob values now uses actual values as well, so no more guessing.
- The mouse wheel may now be used to change knob values and wave selections. Holding down the shift key while dragging or scrolling now changes the value by .0001 at a time so any value may be input by mouse.
- The font was changed to accommodate the new Windows version. It is bundled with the plug-in. Seismic now looks a tad different.
- GUI drawing has been further optimized so there's more CPU left for making noise.
- Removed the 75% option for window sizing. Replaced it with 250%, because when you need a big GUI...
- Presets are now in discreet files rather than one monolithic file, making them easier to pass around and edit.

Bugs fixed in Version 1.1:

- The Sample picker window no longer shows Mod Knob updates sweeping by, but shows actual sample names. Forget one line of code... ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄
- Fixed a Sample screen bug that would only trigger if there were more than 128 samples.
- Fixed a subtle Note Off bug that might cause odd timing if Node 8 is not an envelope.
- Fixed typing number values for knobs. Non-numerics no longer eat characters.
- Fixed some bugs that didn't used to be a bugs, but under the new compiler, now are bugs.
- Waves now stay neatly within their bounding boxes and no longer flicker weirdly when drawn.

A fully-modular, wave-based VST/AU for the Mac and PC. Please read the manual since nothing about Seismic's inner workings is immediately apparent!


Visit: syntonica.net/seismic 





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