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News - October 2019


Cluster Sound releases HR-16B free drum pack for Ableton live 28th October 2019

Cluster Sound has released HR-16B, a free drum pack for Ableton Live based on the vintage Alesis HR-16B.

HR-16B is a free drum pack based on the vintage Alesis HR-16B, the “high sample rate” drum machine designed for techno, punk and electronic music and still used today by artists like Authecre, Orbital and Sub Dub.

- Size : 6 Megabytes
- 47 Samples (24 Bits / 44.1 Khz)
- 47 Drum Devices
- 5 Drum Kits
- Direct install into “Packs” section
- Preset preview playback
- Host : Ableton Live 9.5 or higher

Released in the late ’80s by Alesis, the HR-16 was a 16-bit drum machine conceived to offer to the masses the same quality of premium machines like the TR-909 or LM-1. And in fact, in a world caracterized by small sets of 8-bit drum samples, the “high sample rate” HR-16 quickly called the attention of everyday musicians. Shortly after its launch, Alesis released the HR-16B model, sharing the same technology of its predecessor but with completely renowed sounds designed for techno, punk and electronic music. Nowadays the HR-16B sounds are used by Orbital, The Grid, Autechre, Sub Dub and the Stereo MC’s.


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