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News - January 2019


GyL Synths releases the free Constructor wavetable/FM hybrid synth 32 and 64 bit versions  15th January 2019

GyL Synths has released the free Constructor wavetable/FM hybrid synthesizer in 32 and 64 bit versions.

Main features:

- 2 independent synth layers in parallel and/or FM mode
- 1-1 wavetable oscillators with 135 waveforms in each
- independent pitch tuning, pitchbend ranges, unison, pitch sweep by amp envelopes
- 2 LFOs to independent vibrato, wah and tremolo
- 2 filter blocks with own envelopes, keyboard tracing, feedback, distortion and x-y pads to cutoff and resonance
- the filter and amp envelopes (A, D/R, S type) velocity sensitivity is adjustable
- the new FM solution uses the whole line's components in the sound shaping (osc-filter-envelops) and can provide interesting effects
- t
he lower layer can be switched off and the level and the FM level can be adjusted manually, by velocity and pitch value
2 delay modules
- t
he upper delay has very wide range and some modulations ; can create metallic and changing in time effects
- t
he delay envelope adds time and pitch changes
- the multi-
tap delay has 1 incoming + 8 independent delayed signals
- s
tep times, levels (standard falling or custom levels), panorama and some formant filtering for every signal
independent pitch bend ranges and modwheel levels (LFO depth & cutoff) for the layers
4 different knobs style can be selected and saved to any preset
- t
he Hold button keeps the last pressed note
- i
nit button for fast sound design start
- d
ouble click sets the knobs to default value.
- r
ight click for MIDI forget/learn
16 presets from GyL and 64 from Kujashi (in .fxb soundbanks)
- the 64 bit version was created later and due to technical limitations had to modify the filter coponents ;  it means that the presets are ported and nearly the same but are not compatible ; use the corresponding


Freely downloadable in the GyL Synths Facebook group:


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