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News - January 2019


PlugInGuru releases ShowMIDI and ModMate 2 free MIDI effect plugins 27th January 2019

PlugInGuru.com has released two MIDI effect plug-ins: ModMate and Show MIDI. Both are free to download after registering at the PlugInGuru website. These are the first software plug-ins to be released by PlugInGuru.

ModMate was designed by Shane Dunne and is a MIDI CC re-router and stacker. Meaning any 4 MIDI CC#s coming into ModMate can be rerouted to any 4 different MIDI CC#s (or aftertouch) with faders on the screen to automate into your DAW without requiring any hardware. Furthermore, by clicking one of the 4 boxes next to Pitch Bend Up / Down, or any of the 4 Incoming MIDI CC#s, you can "stack" those MIDI CC# lanes to be forced to whatever value the selected source is. Meaning you can easily click the 4 boxes in the pink MIDI CC# 1 lane and now moving your Modulation wheel will send out 4 different MIDI CC values.

While originally designed for PlugInGuru's new Omnisphere 2.5 libraries, this MIDI effect has many additional uses as well. You can save the Plug-in settings (different MIDI CC#s for the outputs, for example) to correlate with the MIDI CC#s that different sample libraries require for smoother operation. By saving presets, you can easily load the preset for the plug-in, sample library or other MIDI capable hardware connected to your computer.

Show MIDI (also designed and programmed by Shane Dunne) is a real-time MIDI activity display plug-in that can display your performance activity visually with an on-screen keyboard and faders - useful for school instructors, music producers or people hosting seminars or webinars that want their audience to see what they are playing.

Both plug-ins come with PC and Macintosh support. 32-bit and 64-bit VST format for PC users and Audio Unit, VST2 and VST3 formats for Apple Mac OS users. These are MIDI effects so your DAW must support MIDI effects.


Visit: pluginguru.com





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