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News - April 2019


ProjectSAM releases Sordino Violins and Ghostly Clusters free instrumenta for Kontakt 22nd April 2019

ProjectSAM has released The Free Orchestra - #2: Sordino Violins and The Free Orchestra - #3: Ghostly Clusters free instrumenta for Kontakt.

TFO #2 is a beautiful set of con sordino violins. Con sordino means “with mute”. A mute is a small device that the string player attaches to the strings of the instrument, resulting in a softer, more delicate tone (video). In film scoring, the use of string mutes is very common, especially when underscoring, as it leaves more room for dialogue and other sounds. Mutes are also used for rehearsing (it’s the kind thing to do for the neighbours).


These con sordino samples were taken from Symphobia 1. In the original Symphobia 1 instrument, the recordings range the entire string group – from basses and cellos to violas and violins. This free instrument focuses on the violins only and can be played from G2 to D6. All samples are looped and feature release triggering: when you release a key you will hear the natural note ending and reverberation tail of the original recording.

It seems Halloween came early this year. TFO #3: Ghostly Clusters is a set of eerie, otherworldly string, brass & woodwind effects, ready to send a chill through your spine… and that of the audience! A unique selection of textures for adding suspense and tension to any thriller, horror or ghost score.


These are original, acoustic recordings, using specific orchestrations and more experimental playing techniques to evoke a spooky, suspenseful atmosphere. No sound design or post-production effects were used. Make sure you hit the B2 key as well, to which we mapped a deep, soft bonus gran cassa thud.


Visit: projectsam.com





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