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News - November 2019


ProjectSAM releases The Free Orchestra #10: S4Pandora Bursts for Kontakt 15th November 2019

ProjectSAM has released The Free Orchestra #10: S4Pandora Bursts for NI Kontakt.

On November 11th, we released Symphobia 4: Pandora, fourth installment in the Symphobia Series. With TFO #10, you can now download a free sound set from this new and exciting library. TFO #10 features a diminuendo articulation from S4Pandora’s big & bold Low Brass Ensemble, consisting of 3 tenor trombones, 3 bass trombones and 2 tubas performing in an extra-wide seating arrangement. The samples are provided in the mix mic, one of the five mics included in Symphobia 4: Pandora.

With the on-screen Boom control, you can add an additional gran cassa and sub synth layer, also taken directly from Symphobia 4: Pandora.

The Free Orchestra does not come with a Kontakt Player license and therefore requires the full version of Kontakt. All Free Orchestra patches have been formatted for Kontakt 5.6.8.


Please note that while you are more than welcome to use The Free Orchestra in commercial projects, it is not allowed to redistribute or resell these sounds without prior, written permission of ProjectSAM!


Visit: s4pandora-bursts





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