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News - November 2019


Vember Audio updates Surge to v1.6.4 free plugin synth 26th November 2019

Vember Audio has updated Surge to version 1.6.4. This update has several MPE and effect changes, new content and some small cleanups.

Synth Sound and Behavior:

- Release velocity is now an available modulation source. See more details here.
- Sustain Pedal in MPE mode was mis-mapped to the wrong channel, leading to it not working in MPE note-per-channel configurations.
- The "Drive" feature in the distortion effect is extendible.

New Content:

- A set of MPE patches for the Linnstrument provided by Roger Linn. Here's a video of Roger demonstrating them:


- Producer Damon Armani contributed a set of EDM & Dubstep Wavetables and Patches to the 3rd party library.

Other smaller changes:

- Mouse button shows value of integer and boolean sliders.
- Fix a small repaint bug in the LFO display.
- Handle cases where user folders don't exist.
- Make LFO modulation button state always consistent.
- Better abbreviated names of modulation sources, with consistent case and spelling.
- Failed WAV file loads include the name of the file which failed.
- Developer documentation cleanup and unit tests.


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