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News - March 2020

Cinematique Instruments releases free March Klang Instrument Grained Violin  02nd March 2020

Cinematique Instruments has released Grained Violin - the March Edition of their free instrument series Klang for Kontakt.

"While playing around with Guitar FX pedals, René and Ege wondered what it would sound like if fed by a violin. So they quickly taped some piezo contact mics to the violin and sent it through some granular pedals as well as weird modulated delays and reverbs. After recording a lot of material they sorted all the recordings and came up with three very inspiring patches: Grained Pizzicato, Grained Col Legno and Grained Longs - together they are the new Klang instrument."

For our 10th anniversary we have came up with a free instrument series, which grows every month. and reflects our previous work and our way of thinking.


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