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News - November 2020

Reflekt Audio releases free cowbell plugin                 18th November 2020

Reflekt Audio has released Cowbell, plugin instrument for Windows and Mac VST/VST3/AU.

Does anyone need a cowbell plug-in?
Seriously DO NOT under estimate this little one right here.
I had came across a cowbell that said "Beer O'Clock" on it and I had to take it with me to bring this awesome little guy for you all.
I am very excited to present you all with "More Cowbell PLS"! This little plug-in is very cool and we can get some very interesting tones and rhythms with this one.
More Cowbell PLS comes with a user friendly GUI that is equipped with some onboard effects and the sounds are also recorded in a round robins sample style for a realistic human type feel and sound upon playing.
Check out the demos I have included so you can hear this awesome little plug-in real time, prior to download.
More Cowbell PLS is a no brainer for any producer of any caliber and can be used in various ways.
Get creative and enjoy.
Unzipped File Size: 50.1 MB.
Zipped File Size: 11.7 MB.
Mac/Windows Compatible.
Works In Most D.A.W.S.
(Excluding Pro Tools).
5 Different Cowbell Articulations.



Visit: more-cowbell-pls




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