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Archives of the best free VST plugins (Bundle) for download. We have created audio / video demos for the most of VST plugins so that you can hear how they sound before you decide to download them. You don't have to register for download. The most of VST plugins in our archives are provided with a link to VST plugin developer so that you can donate to the author if you wish.

Bundle (28)


Modern plugins - Silver edition v.3.27 (freeware)

Modern meter, modern compressor, modern equalizer, modern spacer, modern limiter. Modern DeEsser

  • High quality processing.
  • Up to 192 kHz sample rates supported.
  • Set of powerful presets.
  • Hardware-like GUI.
  • Advanced PPM/VU/GR meters.

Developer: antress.blogspot.co.uk

DOWNLOAD  3.20 mb


Modern plugins - Special edition v.3.27 (freeware)

Modern amplifier, Modern deep purple, Modern analoger, Modern channel strike, Modern exciter

Special Edition is programing with new signal processing algorithms.

They have no addition to Silver or Black Editions.

Developer: antress.blogspot.co.uk

DOWNLOAD  3.54  mb


DISTRHO Mini Series (free, open source)

A small collection of small but useful plugins, based on the good old LOSER-Dev Plugins.

This collection currently includes:

3-Band EQ

3-Band Splitter

Ping Pong Pan

Developer: distrho.sourceforge.net

DOWNLOAD  16.30 mb


Rock Hardbuns' bundle - Effects (freeware)

The file includes:

Harsh Mistress:
Brickwall Limiter. Envelope follower modeled after one Bram of SmartElectronix posted on musicDsp.org

Vanilla Surprise:
Multieffect with Chorus, Phaser, Delay and Reverb. The reverb is basically freeverb. The chorus is using hermite interpolation. The phaser has a stepping (S&H) mode. The time parameter of the delay and step phaser is given in number of 16th. With the knob all the way left, the time is 1/16th. All the way right is 8/16th.

Biquad parametric equaliser. Low shelf, two mid bands and one high shelf. The Q parameter is narrow to the left, and wide to the right.

Purple Nurple:
Experimental step flanger. Also features the phaser from Vanilla. The Trans parameter gives the transition (slide) time between flanger delays. Careful with this one.

DOWNLOAD  452 kb

Nomad Free Bundle v.3.0 (freeware)

Nomad Factory FREE BUNDLE is a collection of 3 plug-ins processors.

The bundle consists of:

Free-Sweeper, Free-Tremolo and Free-Phaser.

DOWNLOAD  4.65 mb

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