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Kammerl Kaske v.1.1 (free)

The Kammerl-Kaske-VSTs are a comprehensive set of five soundmanipulating VST audio plug-ins, ready to be used with your favourite music production software like Steinberg’s Cubase or Ableton’s Live. Kammerl-Kaske-VSTs is a cooperation between Julius Kammerl (audio programming) and Klaus Kaske (artwork) and contains following plug-ins:

The Slicer:
The Slicer-Plug-in cuts all incoming audio signals into slices and then re-arrange them in a very musical way. Plenty of different rearrangement sequences can be selected to generate beat patterns and breaks just on the fly.

The Sratcher:
The Scratcher-Plug-in enables you to do digitally scratching even cooler than hand-made scratching with vinyl: you are always in sync and the speed and type of your virtual scratch movements are freely adjustable and easy reproducable.

The Pitcher:
By cutting-up and changing the pitches of all incoming audio signals you can create surprising effects, sounding like switched-off turntables, broken tape machines or shuffled grooves.

The Looper:
The Looper records incoming audio material and instantly makes a loop out of it according to the timing information given by your sequencer. By changing the start- and endpositions, the duration of your loop or even by modulating the loop size you can create amazing new rhythms and 'bouncing-ball-breaks' as easy as 1-2-3.

The Warm Distortion: Like the name says: this plug-in makes warm distortion, comparable to the distortion effect of analogue tube amplifiers.

Developer: Kammerl Audio

DOWNLOAD  2.10 mb


KarmaFx plugin v.1.9 (freeware)

KarmaFX Filter: A simple filter plugin      KarmaFX Deelay: A tempo controlled stereo delay.                                                          KarmaFX Equalizer: A digital 31 band graphic stereo equalizer.                                     KarmaFX Reverb: A digital stereo reverb.

DOWNLOAD  554 kb


Bojo Freeware Plugins Pack (freeware)

Wave changer 3 v.1.02, Organ One 2, Impulse 3.1, Flanger 1.1, LoFi 1.1, Overdrive 1.1, Ringmodulator 1.1, Tremolo 1.1.

DOWNLOAD  2.15 mb


Freedound bundle v.6.0.2 (freeware)

The freesound bundle is a collection of vst/rtas/au, mac/windows plugins that i have developed while teaching at UCSD and CalArts.

a distortion unit which uses various low-order chebyshev polynomials to add even or odd harmonic distortion.
+compand is a combined compressor/expander plugin. It has a softknee control as well as a switchable rms/peak level detector.
bit depth and sample rate reduction for added aliasing and decimation noise. a very noisy plugin.
a mid-side to left-right encoder and decoder. for mid-side microphone arrays, but also useful when needing to apply effects to only the center or the sides of a stereo mix.
the standard studio tool for seeing the phase relation between your left and right channels. also includes a bit meter.

The file includes Mac VST/RTAS/AU (10.4+) and Windows VST/RTAS (XP+)

Developer: http://soundhack.com

DOWNLOAD  8.20 mb


Guitar pedal bundle (freeware)

Guitiar pedal bundle

DOWNLOAD  5.57 mb

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