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Delay (43)


Kiesel free delay v.1.0 (freeware)

Kiesel Free Delay 1 is the delay effect from Helga as an individual plugin. The delay time can be synchonized to MIDI tempo as well as tuned by MIDI note information. Copy the enclosed "Kiesel Free Delay.dll" file to your hosts Vst Plugins folder.

Developer: kiesel.is

DOWNLOAD  266 kb


freqDELAY  (freeware)

freqDELAY is a multi-band freak-out delay machine. The incoming stereo signal is processed through 4 bands of delay with seperate control over delay time, level, feedback, filter shape, frequency and resonance. Additional multiplier controls allow the relationships between bands to be preserved whilst changing e.g. all delay times from one knob. Finally, mix control selects how much dry and wet signal to output.

Developer: roughdiamondproductions.com

DOWNLOAD  1.66 mb


Random Pattern Delay v.1.01 (freeware)

A pitched (i.e. very short) delay effect, with a pattern sequencer to control it. Not the most useful plugin, but you might find a place for it if you like weird electronic noises.

Developer: niallmoody

DOWNLOAD  221 kb


Echographz v.1.0 (freeware)

Echographz is a dual stereo delay line with tempo synchronization. Delay time and pan settings are adjusted by dragging small red and blue circles, Delay feedback and volume are set by dragging the light text in the side panels.


Developer: Scuzzphut

DOWNLOAD  465 kb

arcDev Dubb Box v.1.0 (freeware)

A virtual tape delay, loosely modelled on my venerable Roland Space Echo. Does a fairly good job of emulating the tape saturation, unpredictability and wild self-oscillation of the real deal.

Features main echo and 'second-tapehead' sub-echoes, as well as adjustable vintageness (tape hiss, motor inertia, tape and motor age).


DOWNLOAD  1.01 mb

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