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Delay (43)


ZA8 v.1.0 (freeware)

A new VSTi plugin designed by our everpresent engineer RDM. The ZA8 Dual-Delay plugin is windows only @ the moment, it is more cpu friendly than the Dub Delay and acts pretty much in the same way.


Developer: 7AIR

DOWNLOAD  1.27 mb


Waterfall fx, delay (freeware)

Waterfall has 4 channels, each with its own filter, LFO and delay. The cut-off of all filters can be modulated by the LFO.

The GUI is divided into three sections: On the top left there are basic controls for input/output levels and the stereo expander. The bottom left controls set the level of all channels. The four horizontal strips on the right are the four effect channels. The effects applied to each channel are mixed in the final output.


Developer: Synthedit Labo Japan

DOWNLOAD  602 kb


Fragmental v.1.02 (freeware)

A complex multi-fx plugin incorporating a delay, granulator, three phase vocoder effects, a reversinator, and three types of modulation source. Incorporates a very flexible routing scheme capable of serial and parallel effects routings, and a new kind of modulation routing based on a kind of pie chart representation.

The code for the phase vocoder effects comes from the PVOC plugins (Trans, Exag, Accum) . It should be noted that the presence of the phase vocoder effects mean the plugin has a constant delay of 7680 samples, although PDC-capable hosts will compensate for this.

Note: Some of the presets are quite loud, so you may want to turn your speakers down when you're exploring them.

Developer: niallmoody.com

DOWNLOAD  351 kb


Vintage Tape Delay v.1.0 (freeware)

Vintage Tape Delay tries to recreate the sound of an old tape delay, including various effects / artifacts.

Developer: Retro Sampling

DOWNLOAD  8.28 mb


Sound Delay v.1.2 (freeware)

Sound Delay is an auxiliary multi-channel signal delaying plug-in. In Sound Delay, you may specify delay time in both milliseconds and samples, with a high level of precision. This plug-in - being technical - provides a basic signal delaying function only, without signal feedback or modulation capabilities.

Sound Delay also features internal mid/side encoding and decoding, and allows you to delay mid and side channels independently.


- Sample-accurate delaying.
- Millisecond-accurate delaying.
- Up to 3 seconds overall delay.
- Multi-channel processing.
- Internal channel routing.
- Channel grouping.
- Mid/side processing.
- Preset manager.
- Undo/redo history.
- A/B comparisons.
- Contextual hint messages.

Developer: Voxengo.com

DOWNLOAD  5.12 mb


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