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voldeLAY  (freeware)

The voldeLAY VST plugin consists of 8 stereo delay units. Each unit automixes its output between the input signal [dry] and the delayed signal [wet] according to sidechain input vs threshhold.

Basically the startpoint scenario for creating voldeLAY is this : As a signal gets louder its delay time jumps creating stutters, jitters and the like. Obviously, that's at the extreme end of what voldeLAY does - it can also be used for flanger and chorus effects as well as pitch warping and making odd phasiness

Developer: whiteLABEL

DOWNLOAD  1.41 mb


DM 1100 VST (freeware)

The cult digital delay time from the house Ibanez now as VST.

Developer: longsound.de

DOWNLOAD  921 kb


PITCHD  (freeware)

PITCHD is a delay plugin with a pitch shifter in the echo path. So each echo is pitched up or down according to the fine tune or semitone knob.

Developer: music.service-1.de

DOWNLOAD  2.54 mb


MGF Triple Tap Delay  (freeware)

Multi-tap delay effect with 3 taps. Each tap has an SVF filter and can be modulated by the two global LFOs with independent amounts. The taps are linked together by the ALG control, which gives an idea of the signal flow.

Windows 32bit VST with a number of presets for you to jump into.

Developer: mgfaudio.tumblr.com

DOWNLOAD  1.94 mb


Delayarator - delay calculator (freeware)

This is probably the first time you get yourself a plug-in which does not make, or change any sound! It is in fact a delay time calculator you can use directly into your favourite VST host.

You can use it for your delay times, reverb, pre-delays. Great for setting your effects to the beats per minute used in your project.

Developer: Tommy McKinley

DOWNLOAD  1.93 mb


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