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Overdubber 2  (freeware)

Based on it's old brother, OverDubber is a delay FX specially tailored for morphing/dostorting tails. In other works "Trippy tails".

It's designed to work with high gain and resonance levels with an internal limiter that will not allow the signal to go too loud. Useful on things like Dub, TripHop, DnB, also for EDM build ups when used with it's pitch shifter.

Developer: KlangLabs

DOWNLOAD  7.75 mb


T-Force Trance Gate 2 v1.0.1 (freeware)

T-Force Trance Gate is a Trance Gate VST-Effect for rhythmic gate effects triggered by a full envelope controlled step sequencer.

Fixed the preset manager issue of the 64 bit version.

64 bit version now uses a new preset manager which will be compatible to the later coming 64 bit VST3 version .vstpreset system.

The factory presets of the 64 bit VST2 version now are saved under the category "Factory". Custom presets saved by the user will be saved under the category "User" and will be saved in vst3 preset format (.vstpreset) by default into the standard VST3 Presets folder where also VST3 presets will be saved by default (C:\Users\Username\Documents\VST3 Presets\Mastrcode Music\T-Force Trance Gate 2 x64).

Windows 32bit and 64bit.

Developer: facebook.com/MastrcodeMusic

DOWNLOAD  17.32 mb


Mono Repeater Delay (free, Open Source)

Mono Repeater is a classic digital delay simulation of an analog tape delay.

The application allows the user to build a preset library that can can save and recall at anytime. It is supported as a VST and VST3 64-bit plugin and a standalone application in Windows and has added support for AU in OS X.

Developer: tilt-audio

DOWNLOAD  7.71 mb Win (64bit)       DOWNLOAD 35.62 mb Mac (64bit)


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