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Reverb (42)


TimeVerb 1.0 (freeware)

TimeVerb is a simple digital stereo studio reverb effect.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Very light on CPU and memory.
  • Easy MIDI Learn feature

Developer: GSi

DOWNLOAD  575 kb


EM82-C Warm Reverb (freeware)

Just a tiny tease for now, with a sweet skin from watto. Spotted a murmer about warm reverb, and i happened to have some stuff along those lines already 90% done, just had some things to decide whether or not to keep on it, basically, what to take away from it... anyway, here's a tasty little reverb. I find it most fun on vocal bits...

Developer: www.doveraudio.org

DOWNLOAD  977 kb


Outdoorverb (freeware)

This algorithmic reverb is geared towards emulation of unenclosed spaces by using three tiers of multitap delays to create scattered reflections.

outdoorverb features

  • each delay tap is detuned by a seed-generated veriance.
  • variance is specified for all taps of each delay.
  • each tap is similarly amplitude varied.
  • being able to detune each tier independently creates various synthetic resonant effects.
  • 16 outdoor presets, 16 synth/percussion presets.

DOWNLOAD  921 kb

rgcAudio (freeware)

rgcAudio Reverb is a standard Schroeder/Moorer reverb model, with eight comb filters and four allpass filters, for each channel. It's basically an extension of Jezar's Freeverb. Jezar did an incredible job selecting the delay values for all comb and allpass filters, with many hours of listening tests. rgcReverb uses the same delay values of Freeverb, but it adds some very useful features: Predelay, Early reflections and tone control.

DOWNLOAD  362 kb

Feeverb3 _vst v.2.50 RC (free, open source))

Freeverb3_vst is a set of VST plug-ins that utilize the freeverb3 library to perform reverb processing and impulse response processing of audio data.

Freeverb3_vst is a sound processing library which includes sampling rate scaling enabled version of freeverb with some fixes, extended implementation of N Reverb by CCRMA and implementation of impulse response convolution reverb. This library's oversampling feature provides higher quality of audio processing.

Effects in Freeverb3:

  • Reverb Impulse Response Processor: This uses FFTW3. This includes fast zero latency multithread algorithms.
  • Enhanced Freeverb: More precise processing.
  • Stereo Enhancer: Simple differential stereo enhancer.
  • Enhanced NVerb: Stereo-spread and feedback enhancements.
  • Softknee/Hardknee Compressor: Simple compressor with RMS/envelope detector.
  • Softknee/Hardknee Limiter: Simple limiter with RMS/envelope detector.
  • 1-Pole/1-Zero LPF/HPF.
  • Linear Phase 3band frequency splitter.
  • Linear phase multi band compressor.
  • Sampling Rate Converter: Wrapper of libsamplerate.

Developer: Teru KAMOGASHIRA

DOWNLOAD  7.88 mb

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