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Archives of the best free VST plugins (Filters) for download. We have created audio / video demos for the most of VST plugins so that you can hear how they sound before you decide to download them. You don't have to register for download. The most of VST plugins in our archives are provided with a link to VST plugin developer so that you can donate to the author if you wish.

Filters (44)


Ohm Force Frohmage (freeware)

The Ohm Force Frohmage has a unique palette of sounds, combining lowpass filtering and analogue crunch with a bundle of special features.

You can easily tune the filter to resonate with specific notes in your music, and the built in harmonic multiband feature adds tons of warmth to your sound. For extreme fun, delay effects can be applied across the filters at the turn of a single knob, creating swish phasing or weird gliding echoes. Finally, why not dial in some distortion. Whether you like your music to scream in pain, or simply crave that phat, analog tone, Frohmage's final overdrive stage is waiting to be abused."

Visit: Ohmforce.com

DOWNLOAD  885 kb


Pushtec 5+1A v.1.2 (freeware)

Pushtec 5+1A is a 6-band mid-range and program EQ. A Winamp plugin version is also included.

DOWNLOAD  12.05 mb


TAL Filter v.1.56 (freeware)

TAL-Filter is a multi-mode filter device, including a High Pass, Band Pass and Low Pass filter. The filter has a clean analogue sound and are able to go into self-oscillation.

- High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass filter modes.
- 4 Pole, 2 x oversampled non linear filter.
- Lfo sync mode (full sync to host).
- Lfo waveforms: Sinus, Triangle, Saw, Square, S&H, Noise
- Envelope follower.
- Input drive.
- 10 Presets.
- Its free :)

TAL-Reverb, based on juce is released under the Gnu Public Licence, which means it can be freely copied and distributed, and costs nothing to use in open-source applications. You maybe contact me if you want use the code in a commercial project.

Developer: Togu Audio Line

DOWNLOAD  1.01 mb


NCL EQ v.1.1 (freeware)

It’s designed to be clean, precise and to minimise digital artifacts such as frequency warping. Uses include mixing, tracking, and mastering.

NCL EQ features

  • 64 bit internal precision.
  • Oversampling of the high bands.
  • Selectable filter types.
  • AB to quickly compare settings.
  • Adjustable meter balistics.
  • Key commands for quick editing:
    • – Control left click zeros gain controls.
    • – Holding alt increases knob stiffness.
    • – Holding shift alaws fine tuning of the frequency control in steps of 100 Hz.
    • – Holding shift+tab alaws fine tuning of frequency in 1 Hz steps.

DOWNLOAD  1.55 mb

Forma-8 1.03 (freeware)

Forma-8 is a free formant filter which can morph between vowels using 4 corners of a XY pad - this allows you to make a range of human sounding effects on whatever you are applying it too.

Forma-8 displays a more than comprehensive interface which makes it a cinch to use by just about anyone that understands how an XY pad functions. In all the four corners you get drop-down menus from where you can choose the type of vowel and voice that is processed. You can select between ‘ee’, ‘ae’, ‘ah’, ‘aw’, ‘u^’, ‘oo’ and ‘er’ vowels and mix them with female and male vocals that are either sung or spoken.

In closing, Forma-8 is by all means an audio plugin that can definitely give you the right amount of audio transformation you need in order to add a human like voice effect to your songs.

Developer: AtomSplitter Audio

DOWNLOAD  1.26 mb

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