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Modulation (45) - Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Pitch shifter


TAL-Flanger v.1.0 (freeware)

Modulation (Flanger / Phaser / Chorus / Tremelo)

Togu Audio Line has released TAL-Flanger is a easy to tweak stereo flanger effect with its own special sound and some asymmetric analog like components in the feedback corner. Useful for a wide range of flanger effects from subtle to extreme.


- Syncable LFO speed.
- Delay knob for static chorus depth adjustment or manual control without the LFO.
- Depth, delay and width parameter smoothing.
- Asymmetric modeled components in the feedback path.
- Supports all sample rates.
- Default presets.

TAL-Flanger is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary and it is free.

DOWNLOAD  910 kb


Flang-3R v.1.01 (freeware)

Flang-3R is a free 6 band stereo flanger effect, You have control over the modulation with the standard osc shapes and Sample and Hold also. Theres feedback which brings out the sound more and dampening and mix if you want just a slight effect and shift to adjust the tone. Theres 3 different modes for the speed controls and you can sync the modulation, use linked control amounts or adjust the left and right separately.

Developer: Make donation

DOWNLOAD  1.13 mb


UltraPhazer v.1.2 (freeware)

VST Ultra Phazer is a multi oscillated phaser VST plugin for Windows hosts. It sound very cool on guitar tracks and on raw saw sound. There are 14 sliders you can control.

DOWNLOAD  351 kb


Ukm chorus2 (freeware)

Ukm chorus 2: This is a 4stage chorus effect for VST (PC). You can use it on stereo and mono tracks (at least with Cubase SX, not all other hosts tested yet). The parameters of each of the four stages can be adjusted separately. The stages only differ in basic delay adjustment with the shortest left and the longest right in a range from about 10ms to 50ms. You can disable unused stages to reduce CPU consumption. A "Dry / Wet" slider allows to set the desired amount of effect and the "Out +/-" slider can be used to match the overall level of sound when comparing A / B with the source material. Further more the effect can be disabled with the "FX On / Off" button ...

DOWNLOAD  876 kb

 IxoxChorus v.1.0 (freeware)

Up to 8 chorus voices. 2 or 4 mono or stereo chorus voices (from 2 to 8 voices) - Voices works per pair. The frequency (rate) of the chorus can be independently specified for each pair. - 3rd order spline interpolation - pan spread - (Pseudo) sinusoidal LFO waveform - Click free knobs - Optimized C++ / light on CPU 2.5% of my 2400XP (for 4 stereo voices).

DOWNLOAD  118 kb

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