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Organ (37)


Elrog v.1.0 (Freeware)

ELROG is a vintage organ emulator with standard footage, and a percussion register.

It includes 16 presets and supports automation.


Developer: Safwan Matni

DOWNLOAD  1.21 mb


CetonOrg  (Freeware)

CetoneOrg is a fun project and may be called a "Hammond like VSTi".


  • 89 tonewheels using original frequency dividers and 60Hz AC
  • Adjustable keyclick and (slight) tone control
  • Velocity controlled tonewheel "switch-on" delay
  • Chorus/Flanger
  • Reverb
  • tanh like saturation

Developer: neotec.argle.de



Big blue organ (freeware)

Big Blue Organ is an organ simulation in the style of a hammond drawbar organ but is not supposed to be a 100% accurate simulation of the original instrument.

Currently this is Windows PC only. It was developed with the JUCE open source framework.


  • “Hammond”-style, 9 draw-bar, organ
  • 5 different waveform shapes
  • User defined ADSR
  • Unlimited polyphony (CPU allowing)
  • Fully automatable parameters
  • Rotary speaker simulation
  • Responds to channel aftertouch, Mod-Wheel(speaker speed), Pitchbend
  • Free!

Developer: Daniel Smith Music

DOWNLOAD  357 kb


Oddly organ v.1.1  (Freeware)

Oddly Organ is a very nice percusion organ :)
It has some extras like a equalizer A filter with a filter envelope volume distortion
tremolo 2 time chorus and a rotate fx :)

  • A simple EQ.
  • ADSR for Filters and Volume.
  • Tracking Cutoff and Resonance.
  • A Key Click effect.
  • 2 simple Chorus effects.
  • A Tremolo.
  • A rotate Fx but it's not a real rotator.
  • Distortion.
  • Retrigger Glide and Mono mode.


Developer: odosynths.com

DOWNLOAD  1.13 mb


Fantasi (freeware)

Safwan Matni has released Fantasi - a ten component vintage organ simulator, with Amp EG.

Fantasi is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows and it is free.

Developer: Safwan Matni

DOWNLOAD  1.44 mb

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