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Bass VST (47)


TAL-BassLine v.1.4 (freeware)

TAL-BassLine is a virtal analog bass synthesizer especially made for bass, acid sounds and effects. It’s based on a robust core and has the usual controls of analogue hardware synthesizers.

A unique -18dB low pass filter with a lot of asymmetric and random components introduce a warm and analogue sound. Very fast, non linear envelopes are also a part of this synth.

  • Bandlinited oscillators (saw, pulse).
  • Sub-oscillator: square -1 oct., square -2 oct., pulse -1 oct, pulse -2 oct.
  • -18 dB/octave low-pass filter (resonant/self-oscillating).
  • LFO (frequency: 0,1 .. 30 Hz, waveforms: sin, tri, saw, rec, noise).
  • Very fast nonlinear envelope (A: 1.5ms..4s, D: 2ms..10s, S: 0..100%, R: 2ms..10s).
  • Simple Arpeggiator (up, down, one octave mode).
  • 2x Unisono Mode.
  • Panic button.
  • MIDI automation for all sliders and pots.
  • Precise fader control while holding down the "Shift" button.
  • Supports all sample-rates.
  • 2x oversampling.
  • 23 presets
  • ~2.5% CPU (Intel Core 2 CPU 6700, 44.1KHz, 24Bit, buffer-size 1024 Samples).

Developer: Togu audio line


DOWNLOAD  1.07 mb


VBA v.1.0 (freeware)


VBA is a niftly little bass synth that comes packed with 50 pre-made sounds and is yours completely free of charge!


2 Oscillators: saw, pulse, triangle. Oscillator 2 is tunable with octave, semitone, and fine tuning selections.
Two filters: One 24db low pass filter with distortion and one 12db multimode filter (Low, high, band-pass, and peaking). Filters can be run in serial or parallel.
2 standard ADSR envelopes
2 LFO: Triangle, Saw up & down, Pulse.
Four slot modulation matrix.
Four Skin available skins that can be save to presets.
50 presets.

DOWNLOAD  1.36 mb


Bass one  (freeware)

Easy to use 3-oscillator bass synthesizer.

Developer: thecolorspace.net

DOWNLOAD  1.50 mb

BassLiner v.1.0 (freeware)

BassLiner VSTi is basic bass line synthesizer plug-in generating signal from two multi-waveform oscillators.

  • 2 oscillators.
  • LFO.
  • LP/HP/BP filters.
  • ADSR amp env.

Developer: sanusart.com

DOWNLOAD  792 kb

Neutron Bass Synth v.1.0 (freeware)

Neutron Bass Synthesizer can produce some deep and cutting edge bass sounds. Two main oscillators and 1 Sub oscillator combine to cut right through the mix. The sub frequency driver enhances the lower octave (watch your speakers). Low CPU in Mono mode.

Developer: EVM Synths


DOWNLOAD  639 kb

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