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Bass VST (47)


KRM-101 (freeware)

Kriminal releases KRM-101 , based around the 80's Roland SH-101, very simple synth capable of some cool bass/lead sounds.

Developer: kara-moon.com

DOWNLOAD  746 kb


Buzzkill v.0.2 (freeware)

Buzzkill is a superb, fun-to-tweak way to add a powerful bassline to any sort of electronic-type music. With an "energy modulation" system and a powerful trancegate, Buzzkill makes delivering powerful basslines a snap.

Buzzkill features

  • Energy Modulation system.
  • SVF + Moog Filters.
  • Overdrive.
  • Stereo Widening.
  • Advanced syncing trancegate.

DOWNLOAD  1.18 mb

buzzroom BB303i (freeware)

  • OSC: 6waveforms, FM, Unison, Unison Detune.
  • 6Filtertypes(12/24dB), 2Resonancetypes, Filter EG.
  • LFO(BPM Synced / Manual) for Filter Freq Mod.
  • Amplifier EG, Bottom Booster, Portamento.
  • Monophonic.
  • MIDI automation.

DOWNLOAD  924 kb

Bstation 2 (freeware)

B-station is a simple but powerfull bass plugin.
It has 3 oscillators. Every oscillator has a fine tune/octave/pw/volume and 5 different waveforms. A mod oscillator for Pulse width and for phase modulation. there 4 differnt filters types, Lowpass/bandpass/hipass/and a 4pole
the filter has an envelope ADSRLT 12 curves and a BPM lfo a modulation Envelope for the pitch and Pulse width, A simple Vibrato, bitcrusher
drive, low and hi boost, a arp, Velocity filter and volume on/off glide /Retigger and a master volume.

32 preset i made and a extra bank made by sinkmusic

DOWNLOAD  1.00 mb

Microrock (freeware)

Microrock is physically modelled mono bass with filters, distortion, overdrive and chorus. Some "fake" guitar sounds are possible too.


-monophonic synthesizer for basses, leads and powerchords, Legato performance, pitchbend
-two Karplus_Strong oscillators, Exciter (amount of energy to string) Pick (noise amplitude 0..2 pre filter), beware: pick adds to exciter
- nisFilter (noise LP filter 40..3860 Hz)
- Modulation (amount of noise modulation to pitch )
- Fixing (picking position on the string emulation)
- one ADSR envelope with variable curvature, it controls Amp and DynaTone filters. -DynaTone, multiple filter parameters combined in one control
-ToneRama, filters mixer
-Overdrive and Distorter
-ModWheel controls Sustain stage
-CC07 control output level
-Legato on off (off for arpeggiator usage)
-Velocity Sensivity


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