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Bass VST (47)

Da Hornet v.1.3.4 (freeware)

DaHornet is a virtual simulation of the WASP synth, which offers up a wide assortment of great bass sounds. It is one of the rare VSTi's that includes MIDI-learn, and a random-patch generator. DaHornet used to be a commercial product, but is now free to download, and the registration serial number is given on the download page.

DOWNLOAD  1.21 mb


TB-303 v.1.0 (freeware)

This synth was a collaborative effort produced by the SynthMaker forum members. It's an emulation of the popular Roland TB-303 synth. This has a single oscillator (sawtooth or square) wave and use a simple envelope generator with  decay control only. There's also a low pass filter is also with -18 dB per octave attenuation.

DOWNLOAD  1.27 mb


 A-Bass v.1.0 (freeware)

Bass synth with 2 oscillators...

  • 2 Oscillators.
  • 16 presets.


DOWNLOAD  559 kb


303-Alpha (Bass-Synth) (freeware)

VCO 2 wave shapes (Saw, Pulse), steplessly cross fade, 24 db Lopass Filter, 2 ADSR Envelopes, Filter ADSR switchable of positive too negative, Delay.

DOWNLOAD  2.08 mb


TDAi XT 303 Bass line (freeware)

- 1 Voice monophon
- 1 Sawtooth Oscillator
- 1 Square Oscillator
- Coarse with a range of 7 octaves
- Phase setting for each oscillator
- ADSR Envelope (VCA)
- ADSR Envelope (VCF), mix controlled by note velocity
- Lowpass Filter
- Master-Volume

DOWNLOAD  960 kb

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