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Bass VST (47)

 GTG Synths PD 9  (freeware)

A simple Phase Distortion synth dedicated to 70`s bass and lead sounds. Two inter-modulating oscillators.Pitch-mod.Sub-Osc. Delay, chorus,EQ.

Mik said:

"I always liked the SE Phase Distortion Oscillator. But somehow I also felt it had its limitations. For instance, some combinations of waves created unpleasant rumble or odd harmonics.

Also I was missing enough deep bass with some patches. That`s why I tried to make a PD synth with a bit more attitude. The PD9 has fast envelopes, a snappy pitch modulation function and a sine wave sub-oscillator, slightly detuned.

Also, for patches that sound too boomy I have added a Low Cut filter. This makes the synth ideal for guitar-picking sounds and thinner solo synths. The Pitch Mod Envelope creates snappy crunches or brassy attacks to the sound. Chorus and Delay makes the otherwise somewhat static sound more lively.
I hope you find this little synth usefull."

Developer: gtgsynths.com


DOWNLOAD  753 kb


MXBASS   (Freeware)

VST instrument perfect for ambient and old school bases.

Visit: MaxxHi5


DOWNLOAD  3.75 mb


Genobazz v.1.2.1  (Freeware)

Genobazz is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plugin, designed to be simple to use, for all your bass need.

Feature highlights

- 8 Waveforms: saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso1, reso2 and reso3
- 6 Filter types: Fat low pass, 24dB low pass, VCF Ladder, Modulo low pass, 36dB State Variable, Fat filter
- Full MIDI automation and MIDI learn on all parameters
- Integrated Patch manager
- 23 Factory sound presets
- Note play mode control
- Easy installer

Developer: http://audio.tekit-studio.eu/


DOWNLOAD  4.18 mb


4Front Bass Module (freeware)

A small and versatile bass-line module. 4Front Bass Module is a FREE load&play VSTi software bass synthesizer that "generates a high quality bass sound". With the proprietary 4Front hybrid synthesis technology, 4Front modules take generally smaller space than the sampled versions of the same quality, and the CPU usage is optimal.

DOWNLOAD  3.63 mb


SuperRiff Bass v.1.0 (Freeware)

SuperRiff Bass is a simple VST instrument that contains a limited set of custom bass guitar samples for use in computer music production.


  • Volume, Pan, ADSR envelope controls and a subtle flanger unit.
  • 37 open string and 37 palm-muted string samples covering the full harmonic range of a 21 fret bass guitar tuned to E.
  • Sample types accessed through velocity editing or mod wheel control.

Developer: SuperRiff Inc.


DOWNLOAD  13.00 mb


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