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Bass VST (47)

STARRSYNTH v.2.2 (freeware)

STARRSYNTH 2.2 is a software synthesizer that was developed by L.A. Nolan II for LANSTARR.COM. This softsynth uses subtractive synthesis to create unique sounds that can be used for a variety of musical applications. It can be uses with any vst-compatible sequencer (i.e. Cubase, Logic, Fruityloops).

STARRSYNTH 2.2 is available to all music and synth enthusiast for free, and can be freely distributed to anyone (non-commercially).

Developer: lanstarr.com

DOWNLOAD  699 kb


Bass Box (freeware)

 A simple drum n bass friendly bass synth.

DOWNLOAD  633 kb


Quacker v.2.0 (freeware)

Fat bass. Phase distortion oscillator coupled with a low pass filter. Combination of 8 different waveforms to choose from. Thundering bass or screaming lead, especially if coupled with a distortion. Version 2.0 has a multi mode for pads and stabs and features full midi implementation.

DOWNLOAD  507 kb


BassPilot v.1.0 (freeware)

Bass lead - FM-based synth
Multi routed ADSR - multi routed LFO
Built in delay


DOWNLOAD  677 kb


AcidLab (freeware)

Acidlab is a recreation of the classic acid sound but with the addtion of a few extras. Key additions include a track Knob, high and low pass filter, and on-board distoration.


- Switchable oscillator (saw and square)

- Decay Knob

- Filter (LP/HP/BP)

- Distortion Knob

- 16 presets

Developer: lithiumsound.com

DOWNLOAD  1.20 mb


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