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Bass VST (47)

Rave N Bass  (freeware)

3 Oscillator MONO Synth
Indipendant LFO on each oscillator ( 3 X LFO`S )
LFO to pitch
LFO to Filter 12db
LFO to Filter 24db
choice of 7 waveforms for LFO

Choice of 5 oscillator waveforms : sine saw ramp triangle pulse whitenoise and pink noise
1 x ADSR per oscillator
2 x filter types with cutoff and resonance on each per oscillator
choice between 12 db or 24 db octave filters per oscillator
pitch control on each oscillator

Developer: Paztech Audio

DOWNLOAD  1.92 mb


Neurobot  (freeware)

Neurobot plug-in is a very simple bass synthesizer created with SynthEdit software.

Developer: beatassist.eu

DOWNLOAD  7.32 mb


Taurus (freeware)

Taurus is a virtual recreation of the famous Moog Taurus bass pedals from 1970's.

- Alias free oscillators

- Finite oscillator reset time

- Nonlinear Moog ladder filter

- Nonlinear VCA

- Nonlinear envelopes (that means solving five non-linear differential equations, realtime!)

- And of course all the rest of control circuitry at component level

Developer: antti.smartelectronix.com


DOWNLOAD  535 kb


VB-1 bass synth (freeware)

VB-1 is a virtual bass emulation with selectable pick position.

Developer: steinberg.net

DOWNLOAD  3,62 mb


NWBass v.1.1 (freeware)

NWBass is a free classic mono bassline synth.
Analogue modelled high quality oscillators with 2 waveforms (saw and square), unique filtersound with 3 selectable characteristics, filter envelope, velocity sensitive accent , note slide, full MIDI controll with MIDI learn function, interpolated controlls, parameter finetune via right mouse button

DOWNLOAD  623 kb


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Bass Module


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