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Virtual Drums (VSTi), Drum Loops and Samples (95)


KickMe! Too (free)

This VSTi plug-in is a bass drum generator, thats easy to control and get punchy and fat kicks - in no time! KickMe! Too is brought to you by Adern and is a recreation of the original KickMe! synthesizer for the Scope platform.

The synthesizer was done with SynthMaker, but uses our own coded oscillators, envelopes and midi control for that special OOMF.

Developer: synthschool.com


DOWNLOAD  1.48 mb


DB-Force The Amen (free)

The Amen is the legendary "Amen Break", packed in a powerful VST Plugin. No more wasting Your time with slicing and re-arranging Your Amen Break wave file. Just play Your MIDI, turn some knobs and make beats. The Amen Break is already sliced up into it's single drum hits. Each single slice can be triggered by it's own MIDI note. It can be rearranged with no limits, so that You can produce the "Amen"- beat of your choice. It has two types of amp envelopes, one main envelope, which has effect to all slices, and each single slice additionally has it's own envelope for more individual tweakings. It has a multimode filter, an ADSR filter envelope, two LFO's and an effects section with phaser, bitcrusher, distortion and a reverb. The slices can be played forward and reverse by Velocity strength.

Developer: mastrcode-music-vst.com


DOWNLOAD  7.25 mb


Dream Drums Beta v.1.0 (free)

Dream Drums Beta - beta version of a forthcoming freeware drum synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Developer: kvraudio.com/forum

DOWNLOAD  986 kb


TR-707 sample pack  (free)

vstplanet has released a free sample pack featuring the sounds of the TR-707 drum machine by Roland. The samples aren’t normalized.

It's used by Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, Freddy Fresh, Phil Collins, Marshall Jefferson and Plastikman.

The free pack contains 15 one-shot sounds taken from Roland TR-707.

Sampling card RME Fireface 400 usb.

41,000 hertz 16 bit samples
Number of samples: 15


DOWNLOAD  1.98 mb


SKdrummer beta v.1.0 (free)

This VSTi instrument is based on individual samples of the lo-fi, 8-bit drum sounds from the infamous Casio SK-1 keyboard.

SKdrummer features

- Sounds: Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Open Hat,  Closed Hat, Tom 1, Tom 2, and Tom 3

- Each drum has its own pitch and volume control

Developer: armanbohn.com

DOWNLOAD  924 kb


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