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Virtual Drums (VSTi), Drum Loops and Samples (95)


Kick Me Too v.2.0 (free)

Kick Me Too is a drum effect synth. It has 5 drum synths featuring, Phase Mod, h-limit, sine, triangle and noise waves, volume, decay, time and height, low/hi/band-pass resonant filter filter, and a panner.

Kick Me Too comes with two free versions of pretty much the same synth: "Kick Me Too version 2" and "Kick Me Too Multi version 2." The Multi version allows you to bring the bass drum type waveform down an octave. The drum synths use keys C4, D4, D#4, E4, and F4. (This is really the only information given in the documentation).

kmt has 10 presets, while kmt2m contains 16 presets showing off some of the unique sounds that these synths are capable of producing. The synths emit some rather deep and loud bass drum sounds, and very unique snare, tom, and/or hat sounds.

Developer: theodosynthsarchive

DOWNLOAD  2.16 mb


Kettle Drum VSTi (Timpani)  (free)

Free Kettle Drum VSTi.

Wikipedi: Timpani, or kettledrums, are musical instruments in the percussion family. A type of drum, they consist of a skin called a head stretched over a large bowl traditionally made of copper. They are played by striking the head with a specialized drum stick called a timpani stick or timpani mallet. Timpani evolved from military drums to become a staple of the classical orchestra by the last third of the 18th century. Today, they are used in many types of musical ensembles including concert, marching, and even some rock bands.

Developer: samcycle.blogspot.com


DOWNLOAD  3.91 mb


XX - Drum Modules v.2.0 (freeware)

XX b-drum
Pure Bassdrum module. Delay, Filter, Pitch.
XX percussion
Bongos, Toms, Hits,... 8 Sounds per preset,
each routable seperately to the 2 Delays,
Pitch, Volume.
XX hi-hats n' cymb
Special feature: 3 full Drumpresets.
8 Sounds per preset, each routable seperately
to the 2 Delays, Pitch, Volume.
XX snares
Pure Snare module. Delay, Filter, Pitch.

DOWNLOAD  6.81 mb


BeatBurner  (free)

Code Audio has announced that its BeatBurner VSTi for Windows is now FREE (it previously retailed for $80).

Using innovative wave shaping and filtration methods, BeatBurner turns innocent drum beats, loops or sounds into new, fresh and vibrant audio parts for you to incorporate into your musical arrangements. BeatBurner comes with a myriad of sample loops to get you started but it doesn't stop there, you can mangle, whittle or process any sound you want. Full automation and preset morphing means there are literally no limits to the soundscapes you can create.

Developer: Code Audio

DOWNLOAD  46.80 mb


DSK mini DRUMZ 2 (free)

mini DrumZ features the sounds of the following drum machines:

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, Kakehashi’s pre-Roland sound drum machine.

Akai XE8, the 1U rack mount unit with 16-bit drum samples.

Akai XR10, anybody know anything about this one?

Alesis HR-16, one of Alesis’s first drum machines.

Boss DR-55, first drum machine from Roland with the name Boss.

Boss DR-220, typical mid 80′s digital drum sounds.

Fricke MSB512

Kawai R50, 12 bit 32K sampled drums.

Korg DDD-1, came with 18 short PCM samples.

Korg DDM110, lo-fi and crunchy sounding.

Mattel SynSonic, from the people who brought you Barbie…

MXR 185, the machine where it’s hard to tell rim from snare.

Roland CR-78, the 1978 drum machine that used analog drum voices.

Roland TR-606, originally designed to be used with the Roland TB-303.

Roland TR-727, latin drum kit version of the TR-707.

Roland TR-808, originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos.

Roland TR-909, partially analog, partially sample-based drum machine.

SCI DrumTraks, Sequential’s first digital drum machine.

SCI Tom, similar to the DrumTraks but more advanced.

Yamaha RX11, the drum machine that looks like a DX.

Developer: dskmusic.com

DOWNLOAD  12.45 mb


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