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Virtual Drums (VSTi), Drum Loops and Samples (95)


Transistor Drums 2 (freeware)

transistor drums 2 is a drum machine that uses different kinds of sound generating: the kick drum works analogue-style, the snare drum works hybrid analogue-style/sampling, the clap is granular sampled and the rest of the drums are built with samples.

Developer: acidspace.acid-milch-und-honig.de

DOWNLOAD  3.57 mb


Joe's jazzy drums I (freeware)

Just a combinations of brush drums and R'n'B drums to create some Fusion Sound or Hip Hop grooves...

Developer: Joe Real

DOWNLOAD  12.67 mb


CM-505 (Free with CM)

- 12 Pad Drum Synth
- One Stereo, six Mono Outputs
- Generates its own waveforms
- Built in distortion and Bitcrusher
- OSX compatible carbon version
- Developed in conjunction with Linplug

Developer: Computer Music


DOWNLOAD  939 kb


Black Noh Snare (freeware)

- Sampled snare drum 
- 2 microphones
- 9 velocity layers
- 8 random-robin samples per velocity per microphone
-  "punch" module to add some low-end thump
- Rim shot at velocities 121+ but no further articulations

The file includes Windows 32 bit version.

Visit developer site for Mac version.

Developer: chokehold

DOWNLOAD  15.44 mb


SoftDrum LTD (freeware)

SoftDrum LTD is designed as a simple to use drum plug-in.

- Loads standard wave (.wav) files in both mono and stereo format up to 32-bit at any sample rate

- All sample are loaded into RAM which helps to make SoftDrum very fast and CPU friendly

- Up to four samples to be loaded in each slot with user selectable velocity switch points

- Six stereo outputs are provided for separate send channels

- Contains two groups for accurate emulation of hi hats and many other percussion instruments where one sound needs to be canceled out by the last played pad

- olyphony is set at sixteen voices per pad, meaning that the only way a voice can be cancelled out is from itself (so no more crash cutoff by a tom roll)

Developer: Fretted Synth Audio

DOWNLOAD  2.01 mb


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