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Virtual Drums (VSTi), Drum Loops and Samples (95)


Joe's Latin Percussion I (freeware)

Sampler of Latin percussions, with envelope, tuning and pan controls, and a reverb.

Developer: Joe Real


DOWNLOAD  20.40 mb


DrumKit1 (freeware)

A simple VSTi version of the well known drum soundfont by Ken Ardency (used by kind permission of the author).

Developer: maxsynths.com

DOWNLOAD  6.81 mb


Gabberomatic (freeware)

Free VSTi plug-in for making hardcore kicks.

It has three controls:

Tikkeltje Promo, this seems to be the thump sound

Stampgehalte, some kind of distortion (add noise in some settings)

Vleugje Angerfist, sounds like this controls tone of the kick

Developer: terrorsoft

DOWNLOAD  1.06 mb


Line of Legends (freeware)

Line of Legends is a hip hop drum kit.

The interface is divided in 8 sections (Kick, Snare, Clap, Snap, Toms, Hi hat, Ride, Crash). Each section uses its own individual output for an easier handling in a productive environment:

- 47 high quality samples

- 8 individual outputs

- Punch knobs for attack sculpting

- Release and Pan knobs (not labelled).

The file includes Windows 32 bit version.

Download Mac version here: vst4free.com

Developer: VST4FREE / Real Drum Samples

DOWNLOAD  8.82 mb


Otobongo (freeware)

Otobongo is a bongo percussion kit that automatically varies the location and intensity of the tap each time you press the key.

Developer: Mildon Studios

DOWNLOAD  1.85 mb


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