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Virtual Drums (VSTi), Drum Loops and Samples (95)


DrumZ MachineZ v.1.0 (freeware)

- 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys)
- Level and pan control

- 8 stereo outs
- 226 samples
- 18 kits
- Midi automation
- Preset selector


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DOWNLOAD  18.41 mb


Hydrogen v.0.93 (Open Source)

A great drum machine that although origianlly developed for Linux, is still very strong on the Windows platform. It has support for WAV, AIFF, and AU sound files with export to midi or WAV functionality. It is pretty easy to use and also offers advanced features including unique human velocity, human time, pitch and swing functionality.

DOWNLOAD  5.36 mb


SR-202 (freeware)

SR202 is simply the best free VST drum sample player around. Powerful 64-bit sound shaping with 24dB multimode resonant filter. Three velocity-sensitive envelope generators and MIDI performance controllers for mashing up your beatz.

Crunchy distortion + Bitcrusher FX plus multiple outputs so you can selectively process your sounds. Loads up to 16 WAV or AIFF format samples (one for each pad), directly from the front panel.

Comes with at least 15 full drum kits, ranging from standard kits to wild effects, analogue kits, and useful percussive kits.


  • Loads up to 16 WAV or AIFF format samples (one for each pad), directly from the front panel.
  • Export a file of its complete state to disk via the VST bank load/save mechanism. Files are exchangeable between PC and Mac versions, and contain all the samples needed.
  • 64 voice channels with dynamic assignment.
  • 4 choke groups.
  • Pads assignable to either the stereo output or one of the four mono outputs.
  • Each pad has three attack/decay envelopes for filter, amplifier and pitch.
  • Low pass/High pass switchable filter.
  • 2 effects pre-filter - Distortion and BitCrusher.
  • Switchable Note off option.
  • Global functions - filter/amp/FX can be set to single pads or Global operation.
  • The parameters per pad are:
    - Level (0 to 100%)
    - Pan (-100% to +100%)
    - Choke Group (off,1-4)
    - Mono/Poly switch (mono/poly)
    - Note Off Mode (cut/ignore)
    - Output (stereo, 1-4)
    - Distortion (off to 100%)
    - BitCrusher (off, 16 bits to 1 bit)
    - Transpose (-24 to +24 semitones)
    - Detune (-100 to +100 cents)
    - Pitch EG mod depth (-100% to +100%)
    - Pitch EG attack time (1 to 500 ms)
    - Pitch EG release time (1 to 2000 ms)
    - Pitch EG velocity mod depth (0 to 100%)
    - Filter cutoff (0 to 100%)
    - Filter resonance (0 to 100%)
    - Filter EG mod depth (-100% to +100%)
    - Filter EG attack time (1 to 500 ms)
    - Filter EG release time (1 to 2000 ms)
    - Filter EG velocity mod depth (0 to 100%)
    - Amp EG attack time (1 to 500 ms)
    - Amp EG release time (1 to 2000 ms)
    - Amp velocity mod depth (0 to 100%).
  • MIDI CC automation - each MIDI channel (1-16) relates to each pad, controllers 75 onwards can be used to tweak each pad via a hardware controller.

DOWNLOAD  14.78 mb


Twitch (freeware)

Twitch is an 8-pad samplebased drummachine aimed at synthesizing new drumsounds by using distortion, filter, bitcrusher and modulation. Twitch comes in two versions, one with built in samples and one that loads .wav samples.

DOWNLOAD  6.37 mb


Grizzly v.1.0 (freeware)

The Grizzly VST drum machine features a layout and concept similar to Native Instruments Battery or Guru - with numerous "kits", each containing 8 samples. These can be triggered via your MIDI controller or keyboard - in my case I tried playing it via my MPD24.

While I found Grizzly initially very polished and nice to use, it caused my computer (WindowsXP) to lock up several times, forcing a reboot - I'm not sure whether it was simply a conflict specifically with my overloaded XP, or if others have been having similar issues, but just thought I would mention it.

If you're wanting a free, easy to use, customizable drum machine - one that you can drop WAV samples into, to trigger via MIDI controller - you should check out Grizzly.


Visit: Majken website

DOWNLOAD  6.20 mb

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