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Virtual Drums (VSTi), Drum Loops and Samples (95)


Tatapoum v.4.3.0 (free, open source)

Tatapoum 4 is a combined drum sampler and pattern sequencer. It can be used in three ways:

  • The Tatapoum Drum Sampler.
  • The Tatapoum Pattern Sequencer.
  • The Tatapoum Sampler and Sequencer together.

The Tatapoum Drum Sampler features 10 drums, each with:

  • Solo, mute, load and preview controls.
  • Pan, sample playback length, normal/reverse playback direction, full/fade playback envelope.
  • Playback levels for high and low velocity, pitch control.
    • Velocity to pitch bend (warp) feature, with pitch bend, rate and velocity sensitivity controls.
    • Velocity to tone (filter) feature, with tone and velocity sensitivity controls.
    • Velocity to sample start feature, with start positions for high and low velocity.
  • 2 pairs of drums (2,3 and 7,8) with the "link" feature.
    • In ( ) mode, the drums in the pair are independent.
    • In [ALT] mode, triggering either drum plays the 2 drums alternately.
    • In [RND] mode, triggering either drum plays one of the 2 drums at random.
  • 2 pairs of drums (4,5 and 9,10) with the "exclusive" feature, triggering one drum stops the other.

The Tatapoum Pattern Sequencer features:

  • 16 pads, add/remove triggers, set velocity, add/remove FX.
  • 5 flexible effects (2 flam rolls + 2 feedback rolls + 1 reverse).
  • 4 banks of 8 patterns = 32 patterns in all.
  • Saveable and loadable pattern sets.
  • Shuffle.
  • Pulse divide.
  • Up to 16 steps in each pattern, and pattern chaining, for longer sequences.
  • Forward or reverse pattern play direction.

Visit: Venusian Snails

DOWNLOAD  1.49 mb


Loop Drive v.4.0 (free, Creative Commons)

It’s a Loop slicer and rearranger with some weird FX. So you load in a drum loop wave, set the tempo, and LoopDrive slices it into beats. Now you can use the build-in sequencer grid to rearrange the beats. There is also a “reverse sequencer” which enables you to play selected beats backwards. After rearranging the loop you can apply a filter, bit crusher, distortion, overdrive and even a grain FX. There’s also the possibility to set the FX order, which gives you more control over the FX.

Licenses: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Visit: yedey

DOWNLOAD  1.75 mb


Percumat 2 v.1.0 (free, donationware)

This is a versatile Rhythm machine for backing drums percussion so definitively not an 808 or 909 type thingie. It features 6 instrument parts / slots to choose from 512 inbuilt drum & percussions sounds.
There are two step sequencers one for setting up the beat steps in groups of 4 x 8 steps (or 4 x half a bar)labeled A1, A2, B1 & B2, while the 2nd sequencers on the left allows you to control a sequence of the 8 step beat groups in 16 steps. Thus it is easy to get variations without having to program complete 16 step bars.
In addition to that there is an Auto Track Mute feature for tracks 4, 5 and 6 to have one or two tracksmuted for a certain range.

Percumat 2 is Donationware that means you may freely use it and if you like it you are requested to make a donation to me via Paypal (Moneybookers on request) of an amount you can afford and this instrument is worth to you. You can also make a donation if you simply wish to support my work in general ;-)

Developer: HG Fortune

DOWNLOAD  16.00 mb


DS 2 (freeware)

DS2 is an 8 Pad Drum Sampler.
8 drum pads - each with its own MIDI triggered note selector, pitch, distortion, flanger, temp delay, LP/HP filters and volume slider. Global reverb.

DOWNLOAD  1.25 mb


V-Pops (freeware)

V-Pops (Virtual Pops) is a reconstruction of the classic Minipops Junior and simmilar preset drum machines manufactured in the Mid-1970s, but with V-Pops you are no longer limited to the present sounds and rhythms! Sequence your own rhythms and tweak the sounds to suit your needs. The list of tweakable sounds is as follows:

  • Kick: Volume, Decay, Pitch
  • Snare: Volume, Decay
  • Hi-Hats: Volume, Open Decay, Closed Decay
  • Conga: Volume, Decay
  • Block: Volume

The drum machine contains three presets to get you started.

DOWNLOAD  826 kb


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