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Galileo v.1.12 (freeware)

MaxSynths has released version 1.2 of Galileo, a freeware synth created with SynthEdit.

"This synth has been one of the first projects I have developed with Synthedit. I used this synth in a lot of my songs for years and I'm very happy with it. I've decided to release it for free, maybe someone can find it useful. The instrument is far away from being perfect and probably will stay forever as is: I have programmed Galileo for satisfy my needs for some projects and I think I will never put my hands on it again. The GUI has been redisigned for this public release and feature some control elements by Vera Kinter."

Developer: MaxSynths

DOWNLOAD  1.20 mb


Istvan Kaldor VST Collection  (freeware)

Istvan Kaldor ChristmasDrone X-Mas 2005 Special, Istvan Kaldor DirtBag 1.89, Istvan Kaldor Dirt-E 1.86, Istvan Kaldor Earth-Synth 1.2, Istvan Kaldor FoolPlug 1.11, Istvan Kaldor LightBag II 2.09, Istvan Kaldor LightBag+ 1.035, Istvan Kaldor Maestro 1.27, Istvan Kaldor PanFlute 1.55, Istvan Kaldor RotoPuker 2.0, Istvan Kaldor SideChain 1.00, Istvan Kaldor smallPressor 1.00, Istvan Kaldor SpinBag 1.0, Istvan Kaldor Supressor 1.0, Istvan Kaldor Sympho 1.02x, Istvan Kaldor ToyOrgan 0.1, Istvan Kaldor ToySynth 0.4

Download file include 17 VST instruments.

DOWNLOAD  15.33 mb


Karnage (freeware)

Karnage is the result of a collaboration between Krakli Software and Kriminal. This synth is designed to make hard and nasty lead and bass sounds that will cut thru any mix, but can do a lot more besides. This synth is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned!

Developer: krakli.com


DOWNLOAD  1.36 mb


Scandalous v1.0 (freeware)

Scandalous - a monophonic scanning oscillator virtual studio instrument.

  ● independent speed control or pitch based speed control to scan across
      six oscillators with various waveshapes housed in two sections
   ● two envelope controls for each section
   ● portamento controls for each section
   ● reset selectors
   ● coarse and fine tune controls for each oscillator in section a
   ● lfo controls for each oscillator in section a
   ● filter and reverb effect units

Developer: cogeco.ca


DOWNLOAD  1.42 mb


Dominator  (Free with CM)

Programmed from the ground up to CM's own specifications, Dominator takes the venerable sound of classic analogue synths and beefs it up with modern routing, modulation and waveshaping options. Dominator has a 128-preset default bank. The presets are divided into PAD (pad sounds), KEY (general keyboard sounds), BAS (bass), LED (lead sounds - generally monophonic, though some patches provide "one-finger chord" sounds), SFX (special effects), PRC (percussion). The final patch (128: Init) is an initialisation patch, which you may find useful as a starting point for creating your own sounds from scratch. Dominator can be used as an instrument (VSTi) or as an effect (VST), to allow processing of external signals through its filters, waveshaper and so on. Free with CM.

Developer: musicradar.com


DOWNLOAD  1.12 mb


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