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UVI player v.1.03 + Synths Anthology (freeware)

UltimateSoundBank has released the Universal UVI Player, a free player instrument that is able to play the demo sound-sets for the various UltimateSoundBank products.

These versions are 100% free and valid for an unlimited time.

DOWNLOAD  143.00 mb


The Silkworm (freeware)

The Silkworm is a supersaw style synth, which is extremely easy to program and includes a few very nice features of its own. You can use silkworm to create fat pads, basses and leads and screaming or cutting lead and bass sounds, together with rhythmic, gated sounds. A powerful free SuperSaw style synth for all kinds of music - not just another trance synth. Features include: sine, sawtooth, ramp, triangle and pulse waves incredibly fat, warm and smooth sound - richer than creamery butter various play dynamic controls powerful assignable modulation pan, chorus (detuning), stereo spread and glide controls sequenced rhtymic gate filtered, ping-pong, stereo delay.

Developer: simple-media.co.uk

DOWNLOAD  1.88 mb


Prodigious (freeware)

The Prodigious synthesizer is a Mono/Poly instrument based in the architechture of a famous synthesiser from the past, complemented with a few more charachteristics from other well known machines, all combined into a single powerfull yet balanced, performance oriented instrument.

It is ingredients are: two audio oscillators that can be self modulated by a third non audio oscillator (FM synthesis capability...) one fat 24db lowpass filter with self oscillation capabilities (and with the possibility of being modulated by the second oscillator,flexibility increased), dedicated envelopes for filter and volume contour, a powerful and flexible arpeggiator for those moments where the fingers are simply not that fast (just kidding...), a chorus effect section with three distinctively rich chorus modes (to thicken up things a bit) and to finalize a delay unit to bring out those spacey sounds to the front.

The result - a very temperamental instrument dressed with a graphical work to match.. Last but not least, it is packed with a full set of 128 presets that covers Basses, Leads, Pads, Strings, Keys, Organs (sort off..), Arpegiated and something in between.. and by the way it is fully automatable too. To install, simpy copy the Dll. file into your Vst plugin folder on your sequencer.

Developer: www.synthescience.com

DOWNLOAD  2.11 mb


PhadiZ (freeware)

PhadiZ is a phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots of stereo options including a unique panning/filter swoosh sound for great pads. 2 Oscillators, 6 Envelopes and 2 LFO's along with a built-in delay and ringmodulator make this a unique synth with a sound all of it's own.


Developer: AlgoMusic


DOWNLOAD  651 kb


GTG unit 1 (freeware)

Unison oscillator. Stack up to 8 oscillators and detune these for really fat basses and leads.

LFO with key track. Ring Modulator ( Controlled by mod wheel ).  05.05.2007

Update: Minor GUI-fix,cpu-enhancement.


Developer: gtgsynths.com


DOWNLOAD  859 kb

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