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Dulcimator 2 (freeware)

It’s a delay line type synth that has been specifically structured to emulate the hammered dulcimer, but it does OK with few other simpler string instruments. It’s based around a buffer that is seeded with an impulse, and then filtered once every period.

The envelope, Chorus and volume knobs do exactly what the seasoned synth enthusiast would expect.

Developer: Rock Hardburns


DOWNLOAD  131 kb


Mini ErHu (freeware)

MiniErhu is the free version of Kong Audio's upcoming ChineeErhu Vsti. MiniErhu comes with some different expression styles to give you a taste of the otherworldly string sound.

Developer: chineekong.com


DOWNLOAD  21.16 mb


Bell Synth  (freeware)

A plugin dedicated to making Bell type instruments.

It may also be used for making large detuned pads and leads.

Developer: Theodor Krueger

DOWNLOAD  967 mb


NanoX  (freeware)

NanoX, a vsti polyphonic step-sequenced synth loosely inspired by Gameboy's Nanosynth by O.Wittchow and J.Rohrhuber.

Eight 16steps-sequencers, each one connected to an oscillator with fixed rate.

Developer: pluggotic.com


DOWNLOAD  863 kb


Texture Granular Synth v3.0  (freeware)

It generates a grains’ flow in which the way each grain follows the other depends on probabilistic parameters such as grain density (attack/sec), overlapping, synchronism and fade of each grain.

The spectrum generated by the synthesis could be harmonic, expanded or contracted according to the value of frequency exponent parameter; the result will be a sound texture that can change from noisy fragmented sounds, to metallic and tuneless sounds such as bells, finally to harmonic sounds similar to strings or choirs

Developer: mastersonicarts.uniroma2.it

DOWNLOAD  1.10 mb


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