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Knobster Bundle (freeware)

Knobster Bundle, a collection of previously released VST instruments that may be the strangest collection of Windows music software ever released.

Seven VST instruments:

MeowSynth - freeware meowizer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC

Lo-Fi Plastic Piano is a simple synthesizer / electric piano emulator. It has the characteristic of a "plastic" sound. Especially good for "lo-fi" and "cheap-tone" music.

Organaut - Classical tonewheel organ emulator. Can produce «analog» and «digital» sound.

KeyWriter is a ROMpler that reproduces the sounds of a German typewriter - "Erika". knobster suggests that it can be used as an unusual rhythm machine or as a tool for special effects.

BeatVox is rompler that replicates percussion sounds, performed by the voice.

Slitch Slitch is a tool for the manipulation of audio files. It can turn any recording into a set of percussion, glitches, or even scratches. Interesting effects can be achieved using the built-in LFO, which can modulate all of the basic parameters. MIDI-automation is also available.

MelloFAN is freeware noisy synthesizer for Windows. If you like noise, and you know how to use it for music, the synthesizer MelloFAN exactly what you need. With this synthesizer you can perform music on an ordinary household fan.

Developer: knobster.org


DOWNLOAD  16.07 mb


P600-II (freeware)

SCI Prophet 600 Emulator.

Developer: EFM


DOWNLOAD  1.37 mb


major sketch pad (freeware)

The major sketch pad is a software VST based instrument. It does produce sound with its internal soundfont players but is not necessarily intended for music production, it is rather intended for arrangement production.

The major sketch pad is developed for pc and have been tested in Windows XP. I’m not sure about the system recommendations. But I’m sure they aren’t too high. You need a host that is compatible with the VST standard in order to use the major sketch pad. You install the plugin by simply putting the “MajorSketchPad.dll” in your VST directory. It is also important to put the folder “MajorSketchPad” in the same directory as the dll file. The folder contains a SF2 file named “library” and without that file in that exact directory you won’t be able to use the major sketch pads internal soundfont players.

The major sketch pad is basically a chorder in combination with a step sequencer. The step sequencer gets triggered by ordinary midi notes and each step can contain a different chord. That means that you can play monophonic melodies and turn them into whole, rough, arrangements.

This thing is ideal if you happen to have “writer’s block” because all you need is a simple melody and then you are on the go again. This kind of chord sequencer is also a great thing to use if you already have a good melody or arrangement but want to try and improve its quality. Too see how an already good line potentially could sound different or even better with other chords applied to it.

Developer: 2storstark.com/afdarhus

DOWNLOAD  11.76 mb


Bells and Chimes (freeware)

6 whole octaves of fun including five bells, four triangles, three tambourines, two finger cymbals, and a partridge in a pear tree (well, not the last one).

Exciting new loops of wind chime ambiance and bells tinkling ambiance.

Developer: vis.versilstudios.net

DOWNLOAD  35.54 mb


X-WoF4-Pro (freeware)

X-Wheel of Fortune 4 is a multipart integrated algorithmic VSTi music system for creating tracks based on 8 instruments-parts: Pad 1 synthesizer, Pad 2 synthesizer, Bass synthesizer, Hi Sq Synthesizer, Kick, HiHat, Perc3 to Perc5 and Variable Oneshot Sq.

Each patch/preset may be a complete musical track, a track for backing a live performance etc.

All this can be arranged in two different ways using the algorithmic Wheel mode for free floating or the Scale step mode for harmonically prestructured tracks.

There are 180 PCM waves (taken from STS-26, ProtoPlasm21 and 'shuniji') for the Pad synthesizers, about 200 Percussion instruments and drums. In addition Sf2 files can be loaded at pad parts and wavefiles for percussion. Now with more than 250 inbuilt scales!

Developer: hgf-synthesizer.com

DOWNLOAD  28.87 mb


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