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News - September 2008

Rough Diamond Productions release bucketEER         12th September 2008

Rough Diamond Productions release bucketEER, freeware stereo reverb & delay fx.

Inspired by early bucket brigade machines, bucketEER is a simple stereo reverb effect consisting of 16 delay lines, each with an all-pass filter. Mono or stereo input, with 3 output modes, bucketEER can be used for delay effects and basic reverbs. Sounds suprisingly good considering how simple it is :)

features :

- Pre and Post effect shelving filters
- Predelay with control over level and time
- Size and Time controls
- Width and Mix controls
- Central readout of knob values
- 17 Randomize buttons - 'global' and 'local'
- Freeze Function
- Bypass switch for each bucket and slot
- Output level meter
- 8 presets

uses :

- its a reverb and delay effect - use it where you like

faults :

bucketEER is a beta, and is by no means perfect and I've got some module writing to do before its how I eventually want it. At the moment, when changing from one preset to another, the buffers may get stuck for a few seconds resulting in a glitchy effect. this may or may not be a bad thing, and may or may not happen depending on your host. So far, its not stuttered using cubase sx 2.2, but has in fruityloops and cantabile ... let me know ... ha, and it may take a little while to load ... as for cpu, it takes about the same as a single roomworks instance for example (Athlon XP2200+ 1gig ram).

Download bucketEER here! 2.00 mb


Visit: dazdisley.co.uk/whiteLABEL



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