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News - July 2009

HyperSynth updates HyperSID to v1.2                               03rd July 2009

HyperSID is a realtime MIDI synth editor that allows you full control of every sound shaping parameter found on a HyperSID hardware unit.

This hardware unit is based on the old C64 synthesizer Chip (SID) and It is a kind of "DIY" project. Real time integration between software and hardware makes HyperSID act like the other VST instruments in your host application. Because its sounds are fully generated by the hardware unit the VSTi Software has a very low CPU usage than the other VST instruments.

Additions & Fixes:

  • Added advanced LFO (freq=0.01-30.00Hz with 0.01Hz resolution per step).
  • Added new filter envelope (range=0.001-4s with 0.001ms resolution per step).
  • Added new envelope2 which can modulate Pulse Width,Pitch and LFO rate.
  • Added ultra fast arpeggiator which is capable to produce classic and SIDish arp up to 4000bpm tempo.
  • Added save and restore for MIDI-out device.
  • Added auto preset update after plug-in startup.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying MIDI device names more than 26 characters.
  • Fixed OSC3 synchronization bug.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the played note to be sustained or muted when using pitch wheel.
  • Fixed unwanted note sustain when switching from mono to poly mode.
  • Fixed a bug in processing note off message with zero velocity.
  • Fixed FPB button inverse function.
  • Fixed transferring FPB(Link to) status to HW unit while sending a preset.
  • Fixed a problem in SID oscillators noise waveshape that deselected other waveshapes.
  • Fixed conflict in MIDI device which caused freezing in Nuendo and Cubase.
  • Migration from non-standard MIDI messages to NRPN for parameters that need 14bit resolution.
  • Updated all parameters names to the new recognizable groups.
  • Improved preciseness while responding to host automation.
  • Improved frequency display for SID filter and PW.
  • Huge GUI redesign.
  • Cured keyboard problem which did not respond to mouse click.
  • Preset manager drop down list is now limited to the plug-in window.
  • 2x faster startup and much less CPU usage for plug-in.
  • Redesigned factory presets.

HyperSID is free (donationware).


Visit: HyperSynth



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