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News - July 2009

If you are an artist you need to check this out          08th July 2009

Nuzic.net is a place for musicians, artists, dancers and talents who seek a career in the entertainment industry.

"The idea of Nuzic started by a phone call from a friend that wanted us to hear a couple of songs he recorded. After hearing the songs it sparked an idea - why not create a site where artists can record, create and upload there music for everyone to listen and rate. We talked with different friends and artists about what we were trying to create and the idea kept growing, from uploading and rating to Nuzic radio and Nuzic store. In the beginning we had many obsticals trying to find someone to program the site because we had no idea where to start or where we were going to come up with the money for something like this but in the end it all worked out.

We at Nuzic want to create a place where we can help every artist with the right tools and features to market and promote their talent. We want to make it easy for listeners to explore and find new music they may never have been exposed to and to help bring back music to our schools to create a place where the sky is the limit. Most Importantly, this Nuzic can’t come to life without you, the artist, listner and blogers. So please give us as much feedback as you can so we can improve the site for everyone."

Every night is Open Mic Night

- Upload your music and share it with others
- Allow others to purchase, download and rate your music
- Upload your songs to one of our many radio stations

Express Yourself

- Create and share your playlist
- Listen and rate music
- Blog about your favorite artists

Stay Connected

- Blog, message, and comment with your family, friends, and

- Upload photo albums and videos

The best part is that it is 100% Free, no cost to sell your music, and 100% of the proceeds goes to you!!!!


Visit: www.nuzic.net (no longer exist)



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