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News - November 2012

HYDi  - KVR Developer Challenge 2012                  19th November 2012

HYDi can only be described as one thing - Quirky. Based on a simple 3xOsc subtractive synth workflow, but with some twists. She has two voices - but is not duophonic, and should be played like a monosynth. She's built on a Don Buchla inspired philosophy - "Uniqueness above all else". Built with more heart than technology.

Main Features:

  • Generator 1 & 2 : 18x Different waveshapes/processes.
  • x-parameter: PW, Morph, Destable, etc. (when available).
  • Generator 3 : Sub-divided into 3 Categories:
    1. Auxiliary : 9x extra waveshapes.
    2. Noize : 7x types.
    3. Sub-generator : 5x waveshapes.
  • 2x LFO: 9x shapes.
  • 4x Envelopes:
    1. 1x Dedicated ADSR DCA (Punch & Exponential Responses available).
    2. 1x Dedicated Filter ADSR .
    3. 1x Free ADSR.
    4. 1x Free AD.
  • 3 out of the 4 Envelopes has a "reset to zero" option - as a bonus, but be careful - can cause clicks - especially the DCA.
  • Main DCF - 11 types:(zero-delay-feedback)
    • LP12 A, LP12 B, LP18, LP24 A, LP24 B*, LP6 (with resonance).
    • LP-LP, LP-BR, BP-LP, BP6, HP12.

*Original code by Teemu Voipio.

  • Small 4note Sequencer.
  • 3x Play modes:
    1. Mono (not really mono, but flip-voice and release steal - didn't fit on the GUI).
    2. Dual - not duophonic - similar to the above - but release stages will overlap.
    3. Unison - Actually as the name implies - Voice2 can be delayed as well.


  • 2x Effects slots: Effects specially designed/tweaked for HYDi:
    1. Alfa Chorus - pretty unique under the hood.
    2. Dual BPM Delays .
    3. Three Band Resonator - the synth EQ.
    4. Digital Hell - Continuous Bit-Depth Manipulation, SampleRate Reduction that follows the highest note, OR bit-toggling and finally sprinkled with "J1 shaper" a Bessel function of the first kind.
    5. Theta Flanger - Made to chill.
    6. Polar Phaser - same as above.
    7. SSB Frequency Shifter.
    8. Early Reflections Generator - space, without the reverb.
    9. Modulation Reverb - simple - for big chorused spaces.
    10. Zero Modulation Reverb - exact opposite of above, more "focused".
    11. Transgate - simple 8x step gate - with a choice for any two steps to have on probability.


HYDi is free.


Visit: kvraudio.com/kvr-developer-challenge




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