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News - November 2012

Xenakios updates HourGlass to v1.2.9                            07th November 2012

Xenakios has updated HourGlass to version 1.2.9.


  • Removed action page from preferences. Action shortcuts can now be set from Info->Show actions list or from the default shortcut ?. The toolbar manager also utilizes the new action list with the search-as-you-type filter.
  • Envelope value grids can be exported and imported as simple text format files (From the envelope right-click menu).
  • Removed FLAC file format on OS X from the supported file extension lists for now, to reduce user confusion (I will look later into supporting them.).
  • Envelope points can be added on the existing envelope lines by double clicking over the line (when the cursor has changed into the up/down-adjust cursor). This doesn't work that well for envelope segments that are not linear, but perhaps this can be improved in the future.
  • Envelope generator Rate dial right-click menu has option to generate points at points per second. (As opposed to points per the whole duration of the envelope or time selection). This can create very large amounts of envelope points with long textures and high point generation rates, so be

HourGlass is a free standalone application intended for radical sound processing by taking fragments (more commonly referred to as "grains" in other similar software) from sound recordings, to create sound textures. It is not intended for minor transparent corrections of playback speed or pitch, but is rather placed firmly in the sound mangling/glitch territory.


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