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News - October 2015

Karoryfer releases scarypiano                                           23rd October 2015

Karoryfer has released scarypiano, horror piano based on the public domain piano samples from the University of Iowa.

Scarypiano came about almost by accident - one of us was writing a review of some software that's designed to be used for making monster voices for video and game post-production, and he tested its batch processing feature on some piano samples.

Since the piano samples happened to be the public domain samples from the University of Iowa, and Halloween wasn't far away, we thought it would be fun to release the results upon an unsuspecting world as a special Halloween freebie.

Key features:

- Three voices, each processed in a different way.
- 430 16-bit WAV samples.
- 340 MB download size.
- GUI for Plogue Sforzando.
- Price: Free

Sforzando version 1.822 or newer is required for everything to work - the SFZ opcodes used are very basic, but bank registration and GUI may not work with earlier versions. Free download, open source and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use.


Visit: scarypiano 




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