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News - October 2015

Sensomusic releases MusineKit free modular music software 28th October 2015

Sensomusic has released MusineKit, a free software package dedicated to the practice of music and sound art.

MusineKit is a modular software giving immediate to a dozen instruments grouped under different categories (see below). Each instrument offers to play with sounds, to adjust the parameters, create musical sequences and drive all by input interfaces. MusineKit uses simple graphics for the user to directly enter a music game without prior learning.

MusineKit is an evolution of the professional software “Usine Hollyhock” by Sensomusic.

Technically, the strength of the software is its ability to adapt very quickly to new computer interfaces (HID) and consistent changes proposed by the industry. It can generate musical gestures from our everyday technology and adapt to their regular renewal.

MusineKit can be controlled by a simple computer keyboard or mouse, by MIDI interfaces but also by video game controllers, CSO networks (especially for tablets and smartphones), or by more specific interfaces (Leap Motion i-Rig, Wiimote, tablet, video signal, etc.).

Future technologies will be integrated in a very reactive way into the software, helping to develop the musical and artistic uses.


Visit: sensomusic.org/musinekit 




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