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News - April 2008

Amazingtunes Pushes ‘Fair Trade’ Music, Launches Record Label 21st April 2008

Having been in operation for about 4-5 months now, Amazingtunes (beta) purports to have a community of 50,000+ users, which, on its face, seems rather quaint.

But given the niche that it occupies, the number is fairly impressive. The company also says that it expects the site, which it promotes as “iTunes unsigned,” to expand to “over four million (users) within 12 months.” And while we ourselves will have to take a more conservative outlook on the operation for the time being, given its youthfulness, as well as the proverbial glass ceiling that it must inevitably reach in the independent arena, the fact of the matter is that the company does indeed offer an appealing services to unsigned acts.


Hearing a new song before anyone else. Being there at the beginning, before they were famous. Music is about discovery. amazingtunes is about showcasing the best unsigned artists and bands. Start exploring today and discover something new.

Find. Listen. Share.

Whatever your taste, there are thousands of songs to choose from. Cherry pick your favourites, or use our radio player to listen to whole genres of new music. Discovered a song you can't stop playing? Don't keep it to yourself. Share songs with your friends, rate and recommend them. Spread the word.

Make music?

If you're an unsigned artist or band, get discovered with amazingtunes. Create a profile, upload songs, find new fans. Choose to sell your music, and you'll keep 70% of the revenue.

Who we are

We're a team from different backgrounds - web design and development, media and marketing. Some of us are musicians, all of us are music lovers. In 2006 we created amazingtunes, to help people discover and share new music, and provide a platform for unsigned artists to showcase their talents.


Visit Amazingtunes.com



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