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News - April 2008

Record and save online radio streams with Chilirec     28th April 2008

Chilirec is an exciting service I've tested today that allows you to record hundreds of radio channels from the Internet. All you have to do is to browse through the channels, find music that you like, and create playlist that you can relisten to over and over. The music is stored on your personal Internet space, and will not require any disk space on your computer.

When you start your recorder it will begin to record radio channels on Internet. Your music will be saved in a personal directory on Internet. So Even if you'll choose not to create playlists, all the music from the chosen channel, automatically saved.

Although I was very impressed by its performance, I was a bit confused with how am I supposed to know which music I actually have on my directory. Apparently, I will be able to search within the directory by an artist, title or genre, and get top-lists - but it will be presented only after a day or two when the recorder has been active long enough...

Right now recording is in progress, and I have more than 2,900 songs saved in my directory already.

Is it legal?
Chilirec works exactly like a traditional recorder device, but it is virtual and the songs are saved in a personal Internet folder. You will start your personal recorder yourself. All the songs that you collect will be individually marked with recording time, radio channel and identity. If you save a personal copy on your local disk, you can right-click on it and select properties to view this information tag. Chilirec relies on an advanced technical patent pending solution for personal radio recording on Internet.

Update: Saving music even if browser is closed. 25,000 songs and still counting...


Visit: Chilirec



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