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News - May 2008

Free Legal Online Music                                                  26th May 2008

Grooveshark is the ability to find and listen to any song, share and receive personalized recommendations and purchase music at a fair price with the knowledge that the copyright holder will be paid.

All Your Music In One Place.

Join Grooveshark and never be without your music again. You'll be able to access and play music in your Grooveshark library from any computer with an Internet connection. You can even access your friends' music libraries, meaning you'll always be able to listen to the songs you want no matter where you are.

A Better Way To Organize Your Music.

With Grooveshark's tagging and ranking system, you can quickly and easily find the music you want, when you want it. The tagging system makes it easy to pick the right song for the right occasion, while the ranking system ensures you'll only listen to the music you want to hear.

Build & Share Playlists.

Tired of your friends permanently "borrowing" your mixed CDs? Create playlists your friends can subscribe to and never lose another CD. Playlists are easily modified, allowing you to add and remove songs as you go, while continuous streaming allows you to switch from page to page without a skipping beat.

Uninspired? Let Us Build Your Playlists.

Creating playlists requires work. That's why you should let us do it for you - that way you spend less time searching and more time listening. Using our "Create a Mix" feature, just choose a song or artist, and we'll use our recommendation engine to create a playlist based on your selection.

Discover & Recommend New Music

Ever hear a song and want to share it with someone you know? With Grooveshark's share feature, you can be the first to recommend new music to your friends. Just find a song, click share and that's it. The person you share the song with will receive a link to the song and a personalized message from you.


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