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News - April 2008

C.Hackl releases GrooveBoxII v.2.0                                       29th April 2008

C.Hackl has updated GrooveBoxII to v.2.0 offering improved  performance and stability.

Bug fixes:

  • Timer in Sequencer.
  • Wavetable denormals.

Updated Modules:

  • Reverb
  • Readout
  • Sizer of Waves
  • Distortion

Deleted Modules:

  • Filter-Funktion in the Delay

It's an OSC that was createt spetial for that. You have 9 Wavetables and in every of those Tables you have the same wave. With the Super Effect you kan make an unison Detune. All other effects may bee clear to you.

Swich Area:
Normaly the Audio Effect Sectinon is selected. Above the that you have a selector where you can choose:
Gate Sequencer: 32 MIDI-Stepp-Sequencer
Custom Wave: Create your own waves with groundwaves
Audio Effects: Makes Effects like Distortion, Delay and Reverb

Midi Learn at knobs:
On knobs where you can tune the audio out you just klick right and select the Midi CC you want to have. The Midi CC is also put out when you tune knob. (Midi out of VSTi)


Visit: GrooveBoxII



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